Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Udihiya project: 2008

Clothes delivered to children in a Darfurian refugee camp (Udhiya Project 2008) 

In 2008 the Udhiya Project delivered 400 pieces of clothes to children to Sakali refugee camp, 20 km South of Nyala in Darfur. The Project is thankful to its volunteers on the ground who were able to make such a delivery possible regardless of strict security regulations inside the camps that make access to refugees and delivery of relief material complicated. Our contact used the help of a national organization to deliver the clothes--National Organizatin for Care and Development (NOCD) specializes in giving internally displaced persons skills to help them generate income. He told project members that: "it was not an easy task to get the clearance for these cloths to go to the camp. You would not believe how difficult it was for the organization to convince the National Security about their good intentions. However, it was a great idea to serve the children."

Community members receiving the children's clothes (Udhiya Project: 2008)

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