Wednesday, October 7, 2009

About Us

School supplies delivered to a school in a refugee camp in Darfur (Udhiya Project 2007)

The Udhiya Project was started in 2007 by a small group of 15 (mostly) Sudanese friends in the Diaspora (United States, Norway, U.K. and France) who wanted to contribute their Eid Zakat to a community in Sudan in need of social or humanitarian support. The objective is to give a collective donation to one community or project so as to increase the impact of our Udhiya contribution. Every year, at the end of Ramadan we start to send suggestions for the next year’s project. There are no regional restrictions and we are open to new ideas as long as we can identify volunteers on the ground to implement them without overhead costs. After identifying a few possible projects, members of the group vote and a final decision is made. We work with volunteers based in Sudan who are willing to identify the needs and deliver funds or materials to communities.

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