Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Udihiya project: 2007

Darfurian children in a primary school displaying their drawings after receiving school supplies (Udhiya Project 2007)

Darfur’s communities are facing many challenges linked to the conflict and instability the region is facing. The educational infrastructures are extremely under-resourced, especially in areas where populations have been displaced and are living in refugee camps since the conflict started in 2003. Most schools are makeshift structures built next to refugee camps to accommodate children living in the camps. The schools are often run on a voluntary basis or with the support of national and/or international NGOs. They lack basic materials and equipment such as text books, stationery, desks and chairs, chalk, electricity and running water.

In 2007, the Udhiya Project contributed donations towards stationery and toys for a primary school in Otash refugee camp 13 km north of Nyala, in Darfur. 


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